Equipment Rental Rate Update

Dear Contractors and Customers,

It has been a pleasure being able to offer free equipment rental if you used our products, however after the past several years we are going to have to make a change.  We have had compactors and saws kept for months with no thought, and often they are returned with missing parts, damaged, or not returned at all.

In 2018 we will be charging $25.00 a day for any rental.  If the equipment is not returned the next day another $25.00 will be added to your account.  We regret having to do this, but the cost of maintenance, replacement, and tracking down equipment has been too immense.

We also will be charging a $15.00 pallet charge on all accounts.  When the pallets are returned then a refund will be issued for each pallet.  We assume a $15.00 charge for every pallet that comes to us.  We worked on the honor system for years, but have found that pallets were not being returned which means we are absorbing this cost.  We either charge the pallet deposit or the cost of all materials will be increased to cover the loss of pallets. We are hoping to keep the costs down but lower our loss.

Thank you for your understanding and your business

Let’s have a great 2018!


The Leave Your Mark staff