When you want Leave Your Mark! to provide for your next project that requires hardscape products, you can rest assured that we’re only using top-of-the-line products. As well as rental equipment, gravel & sand, and contractor referrals. We carry everything you need from start to finish.

You can explore our products and services below or get in touch to tell us what you’re looking for!  

high end, local building product

We supply affordable, high end building products, most of which are sourced locally.

quality contractor referrals & DIY

We offer quality contractor referrals, and provide resources to Do it Yourselfers.

Water features & equipment rentals

We drill custom water features, and rent out saws and compactors. and other useful equipment.


We provide pavers of all shapes and sizes made by industry leading brands Oregon Block & Paver, Western Interlock, Calstone, Pacific Interlock, and Stone Universe Inc.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are used for areas that have angled or steep terrain. These walls add beauty as well as structural support, and are commonly seen along driveways or as planting beds. They also make great seating walls, staircases, firepits, fences, and more!

Natural Stone

We have connections to source rock from all over the world as well as an exclusive selection of rock from local quarries that we regularly stock. We carry many types of river rock, moss rock, boulders and flagstone. Many are native to the Oregon area, others all the way from East India!

Synthetic Lawn

Ensure that your yard’s grass is always greener with a professional synthetic lawn provided by Leave Your Mark. Our SynLawn products feature different capabilities for you to choose from based on your yard’s specific design and use. The current line of SynLawn products is noticeably more durable, pet-friendly, and green in every way!