Natural Stone

The largest selection of Rocks & Natural Stone in all of Southern Oregon!

Sourced locally, domestically, and internationally with the beautiful and “upscale” selection from Stone Universe Inc.

You can explore more types of stone below or call today and learn we can provide something beautiful and unique for your space. 

All our rock is between .10 cents and $1 per lb. Contact today for a more precise price quote

Types of natural stone


Boulders accentuate the shape & focal points of your landscaping. They can be placed in clusters or on their own as a specimen. We make placement of boulders easy with our Boom Truck Delivery service. Boulders can be placed within 15 feet of our delivery truck parked in a safe location. Come visit the yard and pick out your very own boulder! 

Dry Stack

Dry Stack comes in many types of rock. It is “block” shaped, PERFECT for building walls and other structures. 


Dry-Stack is available in Granite, and several colors of Basalt


Flat rock, often referred to as Slate, Stepping Stones, or Slabs. Flagstone makes great walkways and patios. You can “mosaic” the stones together and fill the gaps with a grout, polymeric sand, or greenery. Or you can arrange them “single file” to your stride as stepping stones. 

Comes in “Patio Grade” “Stand-Up” “Ledge Stone” and “Slabs”

Moss Rock

Moss Rock is an Oregon favorite. Found in cities throughout the pacific northwest, moss rock is an economy rock that suits many applications. We carry the traditional Oregon Moss rock that is very gray with lush dense moss. We also carry a variety from Northern California that is orange on the sediment side, and has unique species of dried moss and liken.

Moss Rock is sold in baskets, or by the rock. Sizes vary from baseballs to VW bugs…

River Rock

We have decorative river rock of many different colors, sizes, and textures.

Available in:

Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Granite, Mixed, & Grey

3/4″ Round

3″-12″ Cobbles