Paver Patio Ideas – 5 Inspirational Designs for Comfortable Outdoor Living!

Your paver patio project has so much potential to become a beautiful addition to your landscaping

Have you been dreaming about having an inviting outdoor living space that will make friends and family envious? If so, here are paver patio ideas that may be just what you need. Patio pavers can provide your outdoors with an aesthetically pleasing area, making it the ideal location for entertaining guests, dining al fresco, relaxing in comfort and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

With so many inspirational ideas out there today, Leave Your Mark is here to help narrow down the choices by giving you 5 of our favorite design plans. From simple & traditional patterns to modern grayscale or pavers with textured or smooth surfaces – this collection has something special for everyone and be sure to check out the bonus idea at the end!

#1 ~ Classic Squares & Rectangles - Mustar K & Running Bond patterns

This pattern is called Mustar K, and is our personal favorite because of how easy it is to lay, and how easy it is to look at. Some patterns can get busy, which has it’s style of course, but sometime simple is more pleasant. It is also nice for DIYers who like repetition, it can be very fun to lay! The tumbled edges and face of these pavers softens the space as well. (Roca Park & Plaza in Columbia Blend and Mustar K pattern, from Western Interlock)

Here is the Mustar K pattern again, this time the stones are spaced using internal spacers manufactured into the paver to create a slighly larger gap between stones. We refer to these pavers as “Permeable” as they allow water to permeate between stones. These pavers offer some unique solutions when it comes to water management, and the blend of color is just gorgeous! More paver patio ideas if you live in the rainy PNW! (Camino Permeare in Jamestown Blend and Mustar K Pattern, from Western Interlock)

Here is Mustar K on the left (Rose City Ashlar Pavers from Oregon Block & Paver) and Running Bond Pattern on the right (St. Helens Ashlar Pavers from Oregon Block & Paver) … They are separated by a straight line of all dark pieces, which takes us to the next idea on our list, Accenting with Borders! A different way of thinking about new paver patio ideas.

#2 ~ Use another paver to accent the perimter

Adding a border provides “delineation” of the edge of your paver patio or walkway. This method of accenting helps separate and blend all of the colors in your outdoor design together, really making it stand out! Most often we see projects including a Charcoal or Dark Grey border, as it is very noticable and bold. However, we have seen many projects simply use a single sized stone as the border in the same color as the rest of the patio, and this small detail gives these paver patio ideas subtle character and charm ☺️

Sometimes the dark contrast can be too much, and subtle is all you need. (Roca Camino Stone in Jamestown Blend with the same color as the border, from Western Interlock)

#3 - Smooth Finish vs Textured Finish

Which do you prefer? The sleek and crispy Smooth finish such as Lalastra & Lapietra Moderna on the left? Or the Textured to look like natural stone in the Lapietra Quatro on the right? All three of these products are from Western Interlock, they have a type of finish for any paver patio idea!

#4 ~ Round or Random?! How about a Grid?

Let’s really get creative! The paver patio design ideas are endless. We have pavers that fit together to form a circle, or a collection of different sizes that can be dispersed “randomly” for a wild effect! You can also line up the sides of each paver, so there are no offset lines, which gives you a very modern and engineered look!

This next picture below is one of our favorite paver patio ideas, as they incorporate borders, random layouts, and circle patterns all in one patio!

#5 ~ Outdoor Lighting

Let’s be real, lighting adds so much dimension to your outdoor living space. Nightscaping provides the ambience most of us are looking for when we want to relax, or visit with friends and family. We have lights that fit into walls, pavers, or even rocks! Check out some of these other great photos and see what a difference the lighting makes.

Outdoor lighting provides the perfect finishing touch to tie it all together and make your patio an inviting space for family and friends.

Create a unique design that meets your needs for comfort, livability and more. Keep in mind the many possibilities you can bring with creative border designs, textured vs. smooth finishes and unique patterns that will turn your space into a work of art!

Start exploring your options today and get inspired by all the possibilities that come with creating a paver patio.

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